1988 Yamaha Razz (SH50) - RED - PART OUT!

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1988 Yamaha Razz (SH50) - RED - PART OUT!

Postby dantheman733 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:28 am

Most of these parts will fit 1986-2001 model years. I have more than what is listed below. Message me if you need something that isn't listed here.

I just based the prices on what the parts would cost new and what I saw on ebay, so if I am way off on something please let me know. I am open to all offers on the parts.

Pictures of the parts can be seen here: http://dantheman733.imgur.com/yamaha_razz_parts

Seat with hardware - $25
Main Ignition Switch / Cylinder and 2 keys ( brand new) - $70
Exhaust: $50
Plastic Leg Guard / Front Body Panel (has a chip and a crack) - $50
Plastic Body Shell / Side Cover (Upper - Red) - $75
Plastic Body Shell / Side Cover Skirts (Lower - Black) - $25
Plastic handlebar/headlight cover (front, red) - $30
Plastic handlebar/gauge cover - $25
Guage cluster - $25
Head light assembly with working bulbs and brand new front glass cover - $40
Front blinker assemblies, including working bulbs (the left blinker cover is cracked and has a chip out of it. Still works though). - $15
Front Wheel (Rim and Tire) - $15
Rear Wheel (Rim and Tire) - $15
Rear Mud Flap and Bumper panel - $25
Luggage Rack - $10
Horn with mounting bracket and hardware: $5
Tail Light Assembly: $30
Left and right rear turn signal assemblies (new, with working bulbs): $35
Gas tank and all associated parts - $40
Oil tank - $20
Front Fender including reflectors - $35
Air Filter/Cleaner - $10
Floor panels / boards: $30
Left brake/choke assembly and handle grip: $20
Right throttle/brake/engine run assembly: $40
Handle bars: $25
Rear Shocks/Suspension: $25

Feel free to email me: traudtda [at] gmail [dot] com

I am open to offers.

Discounts for ordering multiple parts.
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