1981 Honda Express-SR NX50 w/ 28 Orig. Miles

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1981 Honda Express-SR NX50 w/ 28 Orig. Miles

Postby Bwigs » Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:53 pm

Hey I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to learn more/sell my '81 Honda express. It's been kept in a shed since 1982 and never used since. As the title says it has 28 original miles and every single part of this bike is original. It is light blue and white with no exterior imperfects other than two inch long identical cracks in the rear fender where the chrome support bar meets the fender. Still has original tires that are not dry rotted and still hold air perfectly.

The motor is clean and in perfect working order, but the gas tank has some slight rust in it which needs to be cleaned out, and the valve that screws into the bottom of the gas tank that connects lines 5-6 needs to be replaced from rust ruining the rubber internals. This is all due to my grandfather not draining the gas tank as it sat. Luckily the rust didn't make it past that valve into the fuel lines.

Back to the exterior, all of the plastics are clean and in good shape. The paint on the gas tank is deteriorating from the gas seeping out of the cap. But none of it is visible from the exterior. And there is MINOR surface rust on the inside of the chamber underneath the seat where the oil/gas/battery. Again very minor and not damaging or visible from the exterior. And lastly the worst of it is minor paint flaking on the gearbox housing simply from age and poor quality paints in the early 80s. Less than 5% of the entire cover. The rest of the paint is flawless even all of the internal frame pieces.

The model I have has the white basket on the front, all mirrors/lights/signals.
Completely street legal and still has every original warning/identification stickers. Even have the original battery box lid.

I'm living in Daytona Beach, Florida currently and I am looking to sell this off to somebody for a fair price as is, or searching for a gas tank valve to buy so I can get it running and sell in running condition.

Please post any offers/questions below and I will provide detailed pictures upon request. No Lowballers please I am aware of what people sell and get for these bikes.
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