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Postby obsolete » Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:58 pm

I have a running Motobecane that was sold in Canada as a DynaMax. It is the bicycle framed type using a 49cc Motobecane engine. I would like to find a couple parts for this moped. Most important is tires as the old ones are completly rotten. They were white at one time but I will take anything that will fit at this point. To use this bike a few years ago at a Rally , I removed the tires and fitted another old tire inside it to act as a boot . This old tire had to be cut and overlapped to fit the rim . Of course the tube ended up going flat from the rubbing , but I at least got to go in the presentation parade . Tires are a odd size , as I have tried the common ones the bike shops have and they are either too small (24")to go on the rim or too big (26") and fall right off. Can anyone help with this request . Also need to find one inverted handlebar lever .
This is quite a rare model I believe and it would be great if I can get it out to a few shows again . Thanks in advance John Ruff
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