Shanghai: Police crack stolen moped market

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Shanghai: Police crack stolen moped market

Postby Micronaut » Sat Apr 29, 2006 10:06 am

Police crack stolen moped market ... market.htm

Dong Zhen
HONGKOU District police are cracking down on sales of stolen mopeds at a famous second-hand market and announced over the weekend that 21 suspects had been arrested in the past month.

The Qiujiang Road Market has gained fame over the years for its lucrative business in many kinds of second-hand goods.

However, sales of stolen gas mopeds were also quietly going on in recent years. Prices were greatly discounted from the real value of the two-wheelers.

Hongkou District police set up a team of investigators to spot the black market deals in March after they learned that underground transactions were on the rise.

Police said they had seized 21 suspects from two alleged gangs since last month, and confiscated four stolen mopeds at the scenes of the arrests.

The gang were stealing mopeds or trading them on the second-hand market, police said.

Five suspects were arrested by police at the market after they sold two stolen gas mopeds.

Police said the two "Forever"-brand mopeds, worth several-thousand yuan each, were sold with a set of counterfeit licenses, including a fake plate.

Police would not disclose the price of the stolen vehicles but said the price was very cheap.

Some of stolen mopeds were purchased from the thieves, remodeled a bit and painted by dealers who provided fake licenses and sold them. They are difficult to detect.

Police also blamed those who buy a stolen replacement, saying they promoted illegal business.
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