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OT Moped calenders & posters

Postby butnut » Sat May 05, 2007 2:46 am

My wife and I are doing a part time biz to pick up the slack in our touch up biz which has really slowed down. We basically give away free photo storage, 5GB (about 3,000 pics) for anyone to store digital pics...forever. Some other sites will delete your pics if you don't use the service, but this is lifetime, even pass it down to your kids. All you need to sign up is your email and create a password. Even if you don't order a thing, it's free! Think hard drive crash or worse, fire or theft of your computer or camera....best to have your priceless pics stored safely away. The quality of the posters, calenders, photo books and other products is top notch, I would'nt accept anything less. Yes, we'll make a few bucks off orders, but you'll get quality products and a place to keep your pictures safe. Another kool service is the photo saver. You send in a batch of old snap shots (I have a ton of B&W pics of my brother and I as well as my wife and old pics of my kids) and they will clean and digitize them and upload to your picture storage so you now can order enlargements, prints, a nice photobook (think family history, special events) or even a DVD movie slide show complete with music. Browse the site to see what else they offer.
As far as a moped calender, I'd love to make one. I don't wanna see 12 months of just my ped, so if you decide to store your pics there and have a nice pic of your ped, just email me your uploaded pic or album, and I can add it to my pic stash for creating my calender, I'll do same if anyone wants pics of my ped. The site is easy to use and upload, I ordered a 20x30 poster of my Maxi...and some of my kids, as well as a leather photobook. Take a look, and do take advantage of the free photo storage and send me pics of your peds. I won't build a calender until later this year and I'll be happy to share a sneak peek when I do. Here's our site to see what it's all about and free sign up. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Mods, please let me know if this is not kool...if it's OK, thanks!
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