Adding turn signals to a tomos

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Adding turn signals to a tomos

Postby Bethany » Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:47 am

Hey folks,

I am going to be purchasing a couple of early 90's sprints in a week or so, and first let me say I am super stoked. I have a few issues that I need ironed out some though. As I am going to be riding mine to work almost every day, I would feel a lot better if it had turn signals. I have been searching the internet for universal turn signals that could be installed on the bike, but so far I have not found any reasonable option. I found one kit that looked nice, but it was almost $200 and did not even include mounting brackets. I also have found a few small signals for use on bicycles, but I would really like something a little larger, since the whole point is visibility. Is this something that many of you all have dealt with?

Also, does anyone happen to know the approximate dimensions for these bikes?

Thanks for your help,

Bethany :)
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