Remove Tomos Bullet Taillight - What goes Where?

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Remove Tomos Bullet Taillight - What goes Where?

Postby ACMarina » Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:26 am

Okay, while I'm working on the black beast, I'm trying to get the red one up and running as well. It's actually in better shape than I realized, and after a bath and some cleaning I think it'll be a fantastic little 'ped..

Here's my question. I'm going to be riding this on a dirt trail exclusively. A headlamp will be good for alerting oncoming folks, but I don't need anything in the back. That's okay, too, because there isn't a taillight on this moped at all. Wiring has been cut at the fenders and everything.

Looking at the wiring diagram, there are black, blue and yellow wires coming from the magneto. What do I need to hook together to do away with the taillight?? It looks like if I take the blue wire that's normally going to the taillight and hook it to the coil then I should be okay - am I right at all?? Anyone?
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