Using mopeds for medical services... (dealers: please read)

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Using mopeds for medical services... (dealers: please read)

Postby mopedmobile » Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:31 pm

Fellow Moped Riders,

I am new to the online moped/scooter community, but I've got something that I think everyone here would be interested in supporting. The project is called Moped Medical. Essentially, it's a very portable health monitoring system in a backpack capable of taking the basic tests you get in a yearly check up at the doc's office but it comes to you. Think nurses on mopeds.

Once collected, the data are relayed to a cellphone, and from there to doctor. We expect it to be very useful in places like New Orleans where there is a high number of relatively immobile folks who have, in the past, lacked easy access to healthcare monitoring.
So, we're pursuing a Pepsi Refresh Grant to help folks in New Orleans where they've had some rough patches recently. We're a finalist for a $50,000 grant and we need your votes to win.

Please go to: to support your moped brethren. We're teaming up with moped and scooter stores in New Orleans, the New Orleans Saints, a good number of local celebrities (and celebrity chefs) and some fancy-schmancy hotels. Sound interesting?

Dealers -- we'd love to team up with you. We've got plenty of space for advertising on our product and would love to hear what you think about an alliance. Scooters and socially conscious projects always work together. It just makes sense. After the concept is proven in New Orleans, we'll be expanding to other cities in the US and internationally. Please contact me if you're interested in teaming up in your city, or if you're interested in getting in on the action in New Orleans, or if you'd just like to chat.

Moped and scooter enthusiasts, lovers of socially responsible and innovative ideas, good people -- help us win a battle in the revolution for affordable, effective, innovative, accessible heathcare! Vote for mopedmedical everyday:

Thanks a lot!
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