Vespa 1978 Piaggio Grande-highest mileage ever...?or what??

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Vespa 1978 Piaggio Grande-highest mileage ever...?or what??

Postby jay d » Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:37 pm

hi all at moped
i run a moped repair shop in stafford springs ct-MPG-www1978mopedscom
a customer recently brought in a pair of 1978 piaggio grande mopeds
they are identical makes and models and 1 month apart and about 2300 numbers off on the serial #'s-anyway....

one of the mopeds has 20,200-miles!
the other one has 02300-miles and this is no mistake there is a o-before the 2300--so anyway,anyone else got this high a mileage?

with the bikes she brought the original owners manual and paperwork also a crate with an extra engine and piston and rings looks like they cahnged the engine on the 20,000-mile moped,but the frame and body are still in amazing condition,ill let you know the outcome right now one is missing a carberator,pedal sprocket and airbox-anyone got?
other one is all there just needs to be gone over and see if they start
im getting them ready for her for the spring,she bought them from the orignial owner last i want a vespa piaggio grande!
talk soon...keep mopeddin!
when we all are on mopeds we will be happy
jay d
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