Honda Express Wiring is Freaky-Deaky

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Honda Express Wiring is Freaky-Deaky

Postby GreenMarauder » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:48 pm

I am working on a 1978 Express that is the victim of some creative wiring (used a turn signal relay from a Toyota, 12V bulbs, and about 85 pounds of black electrical tape). Just replaced the handlebars so that I can have front and back turn signals (bike already has rear signals). I know I need a 4 amp/hr battery, and will order one asap. I am also changing all bulbs to 6V. The good news is, all lights are functioning, although they are very weak. My question is how to properly wire the lights to the battery of this poor bike. Right now, the positive wire from the battery powers nothing, and I would like it to power my lights. When I got the bike, some fiend had put a 'dummy' fuse on the red wire. When I make a connection here and put in a functioning fuse I have no turn signals. If I take out the fuse, I have power to the turn signals. I suppose this means that all lights are running off of the motor now.... Can anyone give me a basic 'knee bone is connected to the thigh bone' description of what the red battery wire should connect to under the seat in order to power the lights like a 1980 Express? Or, can anyone tell me how to disconnect the turn signals from running off of the motor only? Thanks gobs! P.S. Already have the 1980 wiring diagram, and am not able to reconcile it with reality.
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