Safari info needed

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Safari info needed

Postby crankyb103 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:22 am

I just found this forum a few hours ago and hit the knowledge jackpot here with you guy's.

I have a 1978 Safari with a Motori Minarelli <sp> motor, no gears. (I'm still tryng to learn the different model/engine combo's available so bare with me). Reading the info here, I'm a little confused. I understand that by changing the teeth of the front or rear sproket, I can get more speed out of it.

The bike tops out at 25mph. I'm not trying for some fire breathing/ground pounder, I just need a little more power for these killer Pittsburgh hills.
Also, I need a compleat headlight (houseing, etc) for this bike. I remember the older Harleys were 6v. Should I just go with one of these because of the availablty of this part?

Thx for your time
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