MJ50 - QT50 oil pump cable?

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MJ50 - QT50 oil pump cable?

Postby donnierhodes » Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:01 pm

So I was inspecting my 82' Yamaha Towny today and noticed that the cable that goes from the throttle splitter mechanism to the oil pump was severed. I have *no idea* how long it's been this way and I've been riding regularly for the last several months. What does this cable do? I assume it controls graduated oil delivery at high rpms? I just premixed some 2-stroke oil in the fuel tank, should I be good to ride a few months until I can repair the cable? Or should I replace it asap?

Only found this cable online, $30 + shipping seems a little steep, maybe a bike shop could just make a new wire cable? The sleeve appears fine...

Almost forgot - time for an oil change. Anyone know how much oil to put in? Or do I just eyeball it and "top it off"?
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