WTB: Sachs power! (Athena, 505/D jug & crank, pipes, etc

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WTB: Sachs power! (Athena, 505/D jug & crank, pipes, etc

Postby vwmech » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:01 pm

I'm looking to clear your shelf of that useless Sachs stuff! It's a slow-go on the sale of the bikes, so it only makes sense to put MORE money in them, doesn't it? :)

I'd like an Athena jug (70cc), 505/D jug and crank, perhaps a Gianelli pipe, intake/carb combo, etc. Anything to make this thing go faster. And I have no regards for the clutch and it's weakness at the moment. I'll rebuild that when/if it ever blows.

Anyone have any of this stuff laying around? Hit me up.

If you don't have any of this stuff, wanna buy the Sachs bike? See:

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