Hard Starting Puch Newport

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Hard Starting Puch Newport

Postby Paul Martin » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:19 pm

I have been putting quite a few miles on my '77 Puch Newport since rebuilding it. I am having a few minor problems. The engine fires up quite easily when it is cold, but after parking it for a few minutes to an hour or so it is very difficult to restart. I have to pedal a long way to get the engine to fire. Once running it needs some time to clear out and run properly. Is there a trick to start these things when they are warm?

Also, I'm not having much luck in adjusting the idle to keep it running when I stop. I've had the carb apart several times and see no problems inside.

Any advice or other things to look at. I have not touched anything on the ignition system other than changing the plug.

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