spoked wheel oscillating/vibration

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spoked wheel oscillating/vibration

Postby crankorange80 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:10 pm

Hi. ive come to notice two things on my ped that are wrong. 1st thing is one section of the rim on the rear metal spoked wheel on my yamaha ms50 needs adjusting, if that is doable i'm not sure, its out of alinment.

As the wheel rotates while the ped is on its stand. I can see that just one section of the rim is out of alignment, oscillating causing some noticeable vibration through the bike at some higher speeds. can a metal spoked wheel be fixed as its slighly bent on one small section of the wheel?

Funny thing is, it pasted it's last road safty test, MOT in the UK with the wheel as is but you never know it could fail next time so id rather get the wheel fixed before hand to avoid the risk of an mot failuire due to the wheel.

2nd thing is. The flashers/indicators are too dim to be seen clearly in day light but are ok at night. Ive looked at the bulbs and the bulds are clear not burnt out.

They just need to be brighter for day time use. On my suzuki fz50 the flashers are perfectly bright for day light use but on my ms50 there no use for day light use. just to dim, no good! The bike has a knew fully charged batt, so there is plenty of power.

Is there a fix for this I can carry out myself?

thanks for replies in advance.
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