QT50 Oil Injector NOT PUMPING

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QT50 Oil Injector NOT PUMPING

Postby TC 1986 QT50 353mi » Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:19 pm

QT50 Oil Injector NOT PUMPING


If someone might have a suggestion about my 1986 Yamahopper QT50 oil injector.

I bled the line like the manual says and now is comes out steadily from the bleeder screw when the engine is on or off.

However, When i connect my new clear oil-to-carb supply line...I can see it only pushes fresh oil about a 1 inch or 2 up the line in SPURTS.

Could there be air stuck in the impeller?

Any ideas


Also. I messed STROKE ADJUSTMENT with the lock nut and spun the nut/bolt off. That did not do anything. Now I put the nut bolt STROKE adjustment back to "Approximately" where I think it was originally set AND IM AFRAID OF THIS SETTING SINCE I REALLY DO NOT KNOW MECHANICALLY INSIDE. Should this be ok?
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